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Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials: Monday, March 19th – Sunday, March 25th

Easter is one week away!

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Some favorites: Our famous Double Smoked Ham
(available wrapped in rye, too!),

Bone-in or Boned Leg of Lamb,
Lamb Chops, Pork Crown Roast,
Fresh & Smoked Sausage –
including Easter Polish,
Sarma Meat & Sour Heads,
Mock Chicken Legs & so much more!

Hand-Trimmed Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $3.98/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters $1.09/lb Seasoned $1.19/lb
Pork and Veal Mock Chicken Legs $7.99/lb
Whole Stuffed Fryers $2.99/lb
Pork Steak $2.69/lb

Hot House Tomatoes $1.28/lb
12 oz. Dole Garden Salad $1.49 each
3# Halo Clementines $4.48/bag
4# Seedless Navel Oranges $3.48/bag


Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken $7.99/lb
Ovengold Maple Honey Ham $7.99/lb
Boar’s Head Beef Bologna $6.99/lb
Boar’s Head Yellow American $4.99/lb
Crispy Coleslaw $3.89/lb
Calico Beans $5.29/lb

Cheddar Rolls 79¢ each
Crullers 89¢ each


Dean’s Dairy Pure 1%, 2%, and Skim Gallons $2.99 each
Dean’s TruMoo Chocolate Milk & Dairy Pure ½ Gallons $1.75 each
Dean’s 16 oz. Cottage Cheese – all varieties - $1.99 each
Dean’s Dairy Pure 8 oz. Sour Cream 99¢ each
Dean’s Dairy Pure Half and Half 14oz or ½ Pint Whipping Cream $1.15 each
Kool-Aid Jammers $2.35/10 pack
Assorted Creamette 16 oz. Pasta $1.15 each
Shore Lunch Breading 6-9oz. box $1.85 each
Assorted Nabisco Crackers 7.5-14 oz Boxes $3.15 each
Terra Vegetable Chips Original 6-8oz. Bag 3.50 each
Hidden Valley Ranch 16 oz. Original or Light $2.99 each

~ For over 90 years…Our Family is still here to serve yours ~
~Thank You! ~

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