Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials: Monday, July 17th – Sunday, July 23rd

Whole or Cut Fryer Chickens $1.99/lb
Seasoned Half Fryers $2.48/lb
Chicken Wings $2.29/lb – While supplies last!
Rupena's Own Onion Brats $4.68/lb
Hand-Trimmed Whole Beef Tenderloin $9.99/lb
Beef Tenderloin Filets $10.99/lb

Red or Green Grapes $1.78/lb
Grape Tomatoes $1.78 each
5 lb. Bags Idaho Potatoes $1.49 each

Corned Beef $5.88/lb
Mild Swiss Cheese $5.49/lb
Mustard Potato Salad $3.49/lb

Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies 50¢ each
Petite Rolls 39¢ each

Dean’s Dairy Pure 1%, 2%, and Skim Gallons $2.99 each
Dean’s TruMoo Chocolate Milk Gallons $3.49
Dean’s Dairy Pure 8 oz. Sour Cream 99¢ each
Dean’s 24 oz. Cottage Cheese $2.79
Dean’s Dairy Pure Half and Half Quarts $2.29

~ For over 90 years…Our Family is still here to serve yours ~
~Thank You!